Our Services

Consulting and Technical Support
Our specialists are available by telephone or in person to resolve your problems with your robotic or automated systems. We offer assistance in purchasing appropriate parts, training personnel, repairing or maintaining equipment – in other words, complete service to ensure proper equipment functioning.
  • Replacement parts supply
  • Assistance in managing equipment displacement
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Training
  • Integrating modules to the equipment
  • Software updating
  • Repair
  • Service given to unscheduled calls
  • Technological surveillance (technical advice and sustained information)

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Our mechanical and electrical engineers are trained to analyze your needs and to develop a system in line with your expectations. They find the right solution adapted to your business.

Our engineering service can help you better understand and utilize your equipment. Being specialized in systems design engineering, we can assist your personnel to develop your equipment and systems.

Feasibility Studies
Solution GRB works on all sorts of projects. Some will sometimes need in depth studies to determine feasibility. More precisely, they will determine if the project under consideration is technically feasible and economically viable by using effective technical tools.

Compliance Analysis
The systems developed by Solution GRB are compliant with all norms and standards required by the industrial sectors in which you operate.

Turnkey Projects
Solution GRB takes care of all aspects of the project: design, development, fabrication, assembly, installation and equipment initiation. The advantage with this way of proceeding is the peace of mind regarding your project’s confidentiality and the quality of the product.

Securing Existing Systems
If you wish to secure existing systems, Solution GRB has the ability to deliver. It can happen that our competitors develop systems that are not safe and non-compliant with existing norms, such as those by the CSST and CSA.

Solution GRB possesses the expertise to remedy the situation, allowing you to respect norms and ensure maximal safety for your operators.

New equipment is often accompanied by new expertise, either regarding adequate operation or for performing maintenance. Solution GRB offers you different types of training to satisfy your needs. These training sessions can take place on our premises or in you plant, as you prefer.

Preventive Maintenance
Our periodic preventive maintenance program allows you to maintain your equipment in optimal condition. The life expectancy of your equipment is extended as well as keeping breakage and breakdowns to a minimum.

Equipment Repairs
Our engineers and technicians are qualified for all types of service calls. On demand, they are ready to visit your plant to repair your equipment.

Solution GRB has put in place a financing service for you. Leasing has several important benefits, notably it preserves capital, making it available for other projects. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Dedicated 24 / 7 Emergency Service
An emergency number is in service 24 hours a day to respond as quickly as possible to your emergencies.